Westwood Neighborhood Association

Introducing the all new Westwood Neighborhood Association! 

This association was created to give Westwood residents the opportunity and resources to make changes in our neighborhood that we’ve been wanting to see.

Please join us at the Simpsonville Library on

Thursday, August 2nd from 6:00PM – 8:00PM View on Facebook


Friday, August 3rd from 10:00AM – 12:00PM View on Facebook

to learn more about the Westwood Neighborhood Association and register your household. We will be located in the meeting room of the library. There is no need to attend both days, as the same information and opportunities will be provided at both meetings.

We encourage all residents to attend and register as this association will be for the residents. We cannot make changes or implement ideas if we do not know what the residents want. All necessary information will be provided at each of the meetings and you will be given an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. In the meantime, please find the answers to some of those questions listed below. We hope to see everyone there and we look forward to a bright future in Westwood!

Westwood Neighborhood Association (NA) FAQs

What is a Neighborhood Association? A neighborhood association is NOT an HOA. There are no dues. An NA is an organized collection of residents who volunteer for the betterment of the neighborhood. An NA is NOT part of any government entity. The primary focus of an NA is building up and enhancing the community. An NA is an opportunity for residents to take an active role in the decision making and future of Westwood.

What does a Neighborhood Association do? The NA would serve as a direct link between residents and government entities for the purpose of solving problems and bettering the community.  There are two types of projects that the NA will manage: initiatives and events.

Initiatives:  may include things such as neighborhood clean up, neighborhood watch, new residents welcome package, etc…

Events: may include things such as picnics or potlucks,  block parties, community gardens, etc…

Who will lead the Neighborhood Association? The NA must have an organizing document which outlines the process by which the committee is elected and finances (in the event of fundraising or grants for community projects) are recorded. Westwood residents who have organized this meeting will be the initial contact for the NA. At the initial meeting, any interested volunteers can sign up for a committee position within the NA. If more than one residents wishes to lead a single committee position, an election will be held according to the organizing document mentioned above.

Am I required to join? No. The NA is open to all residents of Westwood but is not required. Membership is voluntary.

Are there any fees and or dues? There no required fees or dues associated with the NA. On occasion the NA may hold some type of fundraiser in order to fund a community project. Once the NA is formed and is stable there may be opportunities to accept donations for such projects.

Why have A Neighborhood Association?

  • Develop a cleaner, safer, healthier neighborhood and improve the quality of life for residents.
  • Empower residents to have a voice and work toward, and achieve common neighborhood goals, a unified vision of who we are as a neighborhood.
  • Work toward a safer neighborhood by reducing and preventing crime
  • Promote friendship, reduce conflict, and foster a sense of concern and caring among people in the neighborhood.
  • Provide a means of communicating with neighbors.
  • Encourage the discussion of ideas which affect the neighborhood and promote cooperative action.
  • Organize neighborhood improvement projects, help the older residents with yard work, and assist those unable to clean up their property by themselves.
  • Promote and celebrate diversity in the neighborhood.
  • Create open communication networks with government officials, businesses, and other groups. Make them partners in your neighborhood, all working towards a strong neighborhood.
  • Protect youth, and support and strengthen neighborhood schools.
  • Develop better awareness and access to the services and agencies of the school, city, and county governments.
  • Fully utilize all the resources available to the neighborhood.
  • Solve problems which exist/arise within the neighborhood.

Will the Neighborhood Association create and enforce rules relating to how I maintain my home and property? No. The NA will not create new rules for the use of your property. Everything will remain as it is. However, the NA will take on the responsibility for making sure any violations brought to its attention are reported to the proper officials as needed, such as Codes Enforcement. The NA will also help, identify and contact those properties that are in violation of codes in an attempt to resolve the issue before being reported to Codes Enforcement. For example, a resident identifies a property where the grass is quite long. That resident can contact the Beautification Standing Committee about the issue. The committee will send/deliver a letter to the resident with the issue, stating the complaint and what to do to resolve the issue. The letter will also state that failure to comply within a reasonable time period will result in reporting to the proper officials. This process will help in several ways. Residents will no longer need to be worried about confronting their neighbors about such issues. If the issue is not taken care of in a timely fashion, the violation will be reported, and the Beautification Standing Committee will continue to address the issue until it is resolved.

How often are meetings? Do I have to attend all meetings? Meetings will typically be held once a month, unless otherwise noted. We encourage all resident members to attend all meetings but it is not required. Schedules will be posted at the announcement box in Alder Park, in the Westwood Neighborhood Facebook group, as well as on the website. You can also pick up a copy of the schedule at any meeting.

What is required of me as a member of the NA? Participation and your voice, that’s it! You are not required to do anything, other than register. We do ask that you attend meetings and voice your concerns. If the committee does not know the changes you would like to see, they cannot attempt to make those changes. Signing up for a committee position is another way that you can help. By signing up for a committee position, you will be able to tackle these changes personally instead of just waiting for it to be done. We encourage all residents to register for the NA and if able, volunteer for a committee position. Make your voice heard!