Dedicated to the Westwood subdivision in Simpsonville, SC. It’s a place for building community and sharing with neighbors.

Welcome to the Westwood subdivision in Simpsonville, SC!

A number of concerned residents formed this group, Westwood Neighborhood to promote the strengthening of bonds between neighbors, advocate publicly and privately for our needs, encourage pride and foster a sense of community in Westwood subdivision.

Our goal is to become a true association of residents, family and friends of Westwood subdivision. The Westwood Neighborhood group will have organization and structure and together we can develop a plan for the future of our community.

By uniting, and improving Westwood subdivision, we hope to increase property values and increase the overall satisfaction of the residents here.

Join us in working together to build a better community.

About Westwood Subdivision.

Westwood subdivision in Simpsonville, SC was established in the late 1960’s. There are well over 1000 homes connected by approximately 9 miles of road. Westwood is close to everything that Simpsonville offers and easy access to I-385, Fairview Rd, Davenport Rd, West Georgia Rd, and Fairview Rd shopping. Westwood is also near Hillcrest Memorial Hospital (which is part of GHS).

Westwood subdivision has 3 neighborhood parks: Alder Park, Tebblewood Park, and Anglewood Park. Home prices in Westwood range in the low $100,000. Many homes feature renovations and increased square footage. Many lots range from 0.25 to .49 acres. Area schools include Plain Elementary, Bryson Middle, and Hillcrest High. Property taxes in Westwood can range from $300 to $1500 per year, depending on appraisals and ownership status.