Traffic Calming Techniques

There has been a lot of concern surrounding speeding in Westwood lately. Residents feel as though the issue has been getting worse and feeling helpless at resolving it. While we currently have a petition running to see if there is enough interest to take it to the appropriate department, there are other things that can be done right now.

In doing some research, there were a few things that stood out to help resolve the speeding issue without the use of speed bumps, stops signs, etc… While the first one may not be ideal for Westwood as most streets are not very wide and it may do more harm than good, the suggestion is to park on the street. By parking on the street, it seems to slow drivers down due to the obstruction. However, this can be an issue on most of our streets and probably best to be avoided. If you do park on the street, please remember these few tips…

  • Do not bock driveways
  • Do not park where it may obstruct oncoming traffic

The second suggestion is to place children’s items (bikes, skateboard, baseball bat, etc…) toward the front of your yard by the street. By doing this, drivers may associate these items with children and more than likely will slow down due to thinking that there are children in the area somewhere.

The last suggestion is to drive below the speed limit when traveling through Westwood. Unfortunately, this will not help with those speeders who live in Westwood but it just might help with those who do not. If drivers are using Westwood as a cut through to other areas they will be more likely to find another way if everyone in the neighborhood is driving below the speed limit. Chances are, speeders are in a rush and will avoid our streets if the think they will get stuck driving slower than they want to.

Taking into consideration these 3 suggestions, which do you think, if any, might make a difference in Westwood? Do you think you will try one of these suggestions, or do you already do one of them? If so, which one? Let us know in the comments below.

3 Comments on “Traffic Calming Techniques”

  1. We have had people take what ever is near the road. They think you are throwing out said items. Had to go outside and yell at people to leave things alone. Also we have parked on the side of the street and cars still fly up and down the road.

    1. That is a good point about people taking things placed by the road. For me, I drive slower than the speed limit. I usually do 20, instead of 25. I know I’ve made people mad because I had someone pass me on Alder (heading towards Davenport) right past the park. I still can’t believe they did that, especially right by the park.

  2. I also Drive at or below the posted 25 mph speed limit. I have been honked at, screamed at, rode my bumper and the scariest…when they pass me…in the neighborhood. Very dangerous but has happened many many times. I really don’t know how to stop the speeders safely. I just know I don’t feel safe walking or biking on the streets.

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